Wakefield Municipal Buildings 1877 Architectural Design



Wakefield Municipal Buildings 1877 Architectural Design Competition.

The Building News and Engineering Journal was first published in 1854 as The Building News. It was then renamed The Building News and Architectural Review in 1860, and the Building News and Engineering Journal in 1863.
These lithographs are scanned in 300 dpi specifically for downloads and printing. The image is much larger when it is downloaded. This size is for online purposes only.

Architect:T.E. Collcutt

(wikipedia)British architecture, consists of a combination of architectural styles, ranging from those that predate the creation of the United Kingdom, such as Roman, to 21st century contemporary. England has seen the most influential developments, though Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have each fostered unique styles and played leading roles in the international history of architecture. Although there are prehistoric and classical structures in the United Kingdom, British architectural history effectively begins with the first Anglo-Saxon Christian churches, built soon after Augustine of Canterbury arrived in Great Britain in 597. Norman architecture was built on a vast scale throughout Great Britain and Ireland from the 11th century onwards in the form of castles and churches to help impose Norman authority upon their dominions.English Gothic architecture, which flourished between 1180 until around 1520, was initially imported from France, but quickly developed its own unique qualities.


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