REVEREND J. H. MORGAN,Antique 1902 Photograph,Original Negro Genealogy


Rev. J. H. Morgan was born In Philadelphia, Pa., November 15, 1842. His father wag Rev. John R. V. Morgan. His mother’s maiden name was Mary Ann Harmon. At his mother’s death, which occurred when he was fourteen years old, he was adopted Into the family of James T. Robinson of Philadelphia. Becoming dissatisfied at some fancied slight, he left without authority, determined to provide for himself, and be his own man. He soon found that the job was not so easily done, as thought about, nevertheless he was determined to win out, so he kept at it, and being of a jovial disposition he ‘soon made friends, and had the happy faculty,of keeping them. He started in the business of selling home-made pies and cakes along the wharves. After a short time he gave up this business for that of cabin boy on a passenger boat plying between Philadelphia and Bristol, Pa., making Bristol his home. At the breaking out of the Civil War he was very anxious to enlist as a soldier, but they informed him at Trenton, that it was a white man’s war and they were not taking colored men, as their ankles set so near the middle of their feet, that when they said forward march, they would be as likely to go backward as forward, so he hired as a cook In an officers’ mess and went to the front with Company C First Regiment N. J. V. six months’ men. He was not down there long before he lost all his desire to become a soldier; when the opportunity came for him to enlist. While in Alexandria, Va., he started in to learn the barber trade, and on his return home worked as a journeyman at his trade until he set up in business for himself.

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Date published:1902

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