REVEREND I. D. DAVIS ,Negro Genealogy,African American,Black History


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Date published:1902

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born at Laurens, S. C., in 1858. His parents wore Nelson and Sarah Davis. In 1870 Rev. Charles Thompson (a Presbyterian Missionary from the North) came to Laurens and began services in a part of the town knownTin Pot Ally.The first to be enrolled in his Sunday School was the subject of our, sketch. After Rev. Thompson left Laurens our little hero went to school to another veteran, Mr. Wright, who soon learned to regard him highly. The late Rev. D. Gibbs now took charge of the church, and our subject was the first to enter his Sunday School. While the Rev. Gibbs was boarding at his father’s home, the seed of the Presbyterian ministry was planted. He now entered school under Rev. and Mrs. McDowell, and began the study of the Shorter Catechism. A polyglot Bible was offered for the most perfect recitation of the Catechism, and he won the first prize. In 1874 he took the examination and won the county scholarship for the State Normal at Columbia. Prom this examination he was given a teachers certificate and taught his first school in the country; at the close of this school he accompanied Rev. and Mrs. McDowell to Statesville, N. C., and in November Rev. McDowell had arranged for him to go to Biddle University, Charlotte, N. C. He returned home every summer and taught. So acceptable were his services that scholars were offered to him and held until his return from school. In 1877 on account of failing health he remained out of school, and was chosen as the principal of the city school at his native home. He was always known as the"Mocking Birdof Laurens. He was the chorister in Sunday School and church. Returning to Biddle University in the fall of 1878,…….


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