PROFESSOR GEORGE W. CARVER, M. AG.,Antique 1902 Photograph


TYPE: Antique Photograph

Date published:1902

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AUTHENTICITY: This is an authentic historical print, published at the date stated above. It is not from a modern copy.


PROFESSOR GEORGE W. CARVER, M. AG. A few years ago there was graduated at the Iowa Agricultural College a young colored man of unusual promise. His name was G. W. Carver, and his specially the care and production of plants. Not long after graduation he was engaged by Booker T. Washington as a teacher and assistant in his famous industrial school, and to-day the young man is Mr. Washington’s most trusted adviser, while his reputation has gone abroad as a scientist and an original investigator of no mean order. Born during the period of the Civil War, he was separated from his parents when but six weeks old, they having been sold to some distant slave-holders. The infant was puny and ailing, and his master regarded him as worthless. A family named Carver took the babe and his brother, a little older. It was with them the child had a home for nine years. About that time the little black boy developed a remarkable love for plants, and so much knowledge of their structure and life, that he was given the name of "the plant doctor.Mr. and Mrs. Carver were proud of the boy’s talents and made much of him,and it was their evident satisfaction in him that aroused the jealousy of their own children, who at last drove the two colored boys away from home. Northward they turned their faces, to the land where white and black have equal chances in life, as they fondly believed. The little "plant doctor,who had picked up the elements of an education, wanted, above all else, to enter some good school. The boys were, driven from pillar to post, but,,being devotedly attached to each other they held together, until in Kansas they thought best to separate. During these years, young Carver had tried many kinds of work. At length he found himself at Winterset, Iowa.


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