Paula von Lichtenfels Austrian pianist opera singer vocal educator



Paula von Lichtenfels Austrian pianist opera singer vocal educator

Lichtenfels, the daughter of the academic painter Eduard Peithner von Lichtenfels, enjoyed her vocal training at the Wagner singer Marianne Brandt as well as a piano studies at the Music School of Eduard Hanson after her musical talents had been discovered early on.
She made her debut as a concert singer. She started her stage work in 1894 at the Royal City Theatre in Olomouc. 1895 was hired in Wiesbaden, 1896 in Sondershausen, 1898 in Halle, where she debuted as “Raisin” (in the Barber of Seville). In 1901, she joined the Association of the Nuremberg City Theatre.
In 1905 she moved to the Berlin National Theatre, but then worked in Berlin-Charlottenburg as a vocal educator. Occasionally she performed as a singer during a tour of the game.
She was coloratura singer. Their games were among others the “Marguerite de Valois” in the Huguenots of Meyerbeer, the “Leonore” in the Troubadour of Verdi, the “Madeleine” in the Postillon of Lonjumeau of Adam and the “Leonore” in Flotows Alessandro Stradella.

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Date published:1898

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