Ludwig von Windheim Police President of Berlin 1895



Ludwig von Windheim Police President of Berlin 1895
The son of the bailiff Karl Hermann von Heim, he studied law and state sciences in Göttingen, Munich and Berlin. During his studies he became a member of the Corps Bremensia Göttingen and Franconia München. On January 13, 1879, he entered the judicial service as a clerk in the district of court Halberstadt, later joined the General State Administration and became 1884 government assessor at the Presidential Department of the government in Königsberg. In January 1886, he was commissioned with the administration of the District Council of Ragnit, and in July of the same year he was appointed Chief Administrative officer there. In March 1894, he was appointed as a volunteer in the Ministry of the Interior, and in April 1895 became the President of the police of Szczecin. As early as June 1895, he followed the deceased Baron von Richthofen as the police president of Berlin. In 1902 he became the President of the Government in Frankfurt (or), in 1903 the upper president of the Province of Hesse-Nassau and in 1907 of the province In September 1914, he was appointed as the chief President of the Province of Hanover and held this position until his retirement in 1917.
He had been married to Klara von Gottberg since 1886.

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