HON. THEODORE W. JONES,Antique 1902 Photograph


TYPE: Antique Photograph

Date published:1902

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The Hon. Theodore W. Jones was born during the temporary residence of his parents in the beautiful city of Hamilton, Ontario, September 19, 1853. His parents soon returned to New York, their native State, and there remained until he was twelve years old. In 1865 this family decided to make Illinois their home and settled in Chicago. Mr. Jones was one of a very large family; his parents were poor and unable to give him even a common school education. Compelled to support himself, at the age of fifteen years he was driving an express wagon. He was an industrious boy, full of pluck and energy. Without money and by his own unaided efforts, step by step, he pressed on and soon built up a most successful express and moving business. Discouraged by no difilculty, the ambitious young expressman turned his attention toward acquiring an education. He was a diligent student. Through the aid of private tutors and the "midnight oil,he was able, when twenty-five years of age, to enter Wheaton College, Wheaton, Ill., where he remained three years. ‘Leaving college, he returned to his business in Chicago and has been exceedingly prosperous. Mr. Jones is the owner of a large brick storage warehouse, Twenty-ninth Street and Shields Avenue, and other valuable property in this city. In his employ are three lady clerks and about fifty men, all colored. In 1894, Theodore W. Jones was elected on the Republican ticket to the responsible position of County Commissioner of Cook County, ILL. He ably and well performed the duties of this office. That he labored earnestly and unselfishly to advance the interests of the colored people we need relate only the following fact: During Mr. Jones’ term of office the colored people of Cook County drew $50,000 yearly salary.


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