Fishing Tackle Types


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The handrail consists of fishing rod, string and;
Hook. The rod must be 3-6 m long.
Weight, high strength and elasticity.
', Their center of gravity must be close to the ground
, And she must, Of the peak, in
The whole extent. "Wood-
~ And tube types; The American
Bamboo stripes of the hard bark,
Tube rods. Better fishing rods exist
Of three or more pieces, each about 1 m.
By means of metal sleeves.
~ The 'becoming'. At the top and "on the individual
Pieces of the rod are small. Metal rings,
Through which the fishing line is drawn. Latter
Roll one on a near the handle handle
Wood or metal roll by means of a crank (Fig. 1),
She must turn very lightly to the cord quickly
And without resistance, and
Is provided with a spring-
Inhibition. The Angelschmtr consists of the
30-120 m long cords and the leader,
'Which carries flea, countersink and hooks. The cords
, Made of horsehair, better from 6-8 struts
Solid silk, and in the last
Usually; For special purposes,
Which are easier to pass through
The rings glide and swim on the water.
The leader measures 1 - 3 m and must be thinner than
The rolling pin, to make the fish less noticeable.
It is made from gimpe, horse hair or gut (silk arm)
manufactured. Gimpe, that is, with the finest wire
Silk, is used for pikes and other large
With their teeth, other pre-
Often intersect. Leader from horse hair
Consist in the upper part of several, at the end
A single hair. Good is the spin-
The silkworm. Usually
The leader consists of two pieces,
Of a knot (Fig. 2) on the cords
Throwing cord and the latter through "a loop
(FIG. 3), attached to the hooks
Fishing tackle or suggestion.
They consist of steel wire and diir-
Neither bending nor breaking. In general,
The English forms 
(Figure 4). Incidentally, two- or
Three hooks (Fig. 5) are used. Hook with smooth-
Long leg are attached to the G-thread
Fine waxed silk (Fig. 6); such"
Whose long limb ends with a platelet,
Are fixed in the manner shown in FIG.
, In addition to one or more hooks,
Fold fleas or countersinks. The raft
(Float), with wire or rubber rings on the
Compartment 'to be slidably fastened, is intended to prevent
Hook in-depth depth
And indicates by its motion at the same time, if
A fish has bitten. It is made of cork,


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