Chéri Maurice,Charles Maurice Schwartzenberger,German theatre director of French origin.



Chéri Maurice,Charles Maurice Schwartzenberger,German theatre director

Chéri Maurice was a son of merchant Maurice Schwartzenberger (1780 – 1853) and his wife. Maurice came to Germany in 1824 (after another reading of 1826) and settled in Hamburg. In the suburb of St. Georg the father rented the local Tivoli and the Beer garden and a summer stage. During the summer months, there were bear guides, jugglers, acrobats and Maurice earned his first successes as emcee.
Soon he staged, together with his father, smaller self-created pieces and with growing success, more and more professional performances came into being. Maurice had his greatest successes with dialect pieces in the style of Georg Nikolaus Bärmanns; But also the antics of Louis Angely and Karl von Holti found an enthusiastic audience. By his acquaintance with Charles Caßmann, the theatre master of the Hamburg City Theatre, he came to the theatre license of Widow Handje (she was the mother-in-law Caßmanns).
Maurice converted from Jewish to Protestant faith and married on July 31, 1832 in the Church of St. Petri Emilie Möller (* 1812). With her he had a son, Gustav (1836 – 1893).
When widow Handje died in the aftermath of the Great Fire 1842, the Senate of the city “… In view of the energy, solidity and dexterity it has proven,” granted a concession for a new theatre; However, with the requirement to compensate the heirs widow Handjes. Maurice commissioned the architects Franz Georg Stammann and Auguste de Meuron with a new building which he was able to open on November 9, 1843 under the name Thalia-Theater.
In May 1885, Maurice transferred the management of the theatre entirely to his son and withdrew to his private life. Gustav Maurice had been supporting his father for years in business matters, but could not replace it. During the preparations for the celebrations 50 years Thalia Theatre on November 9, 1893, Gustav Maurice died suddenly and unexpectedly. Chéri Maurice, with the support of Bernhard Pollinis, acted as managing director for a few months until, with effect from June 1, 1894 Pollini Thalia Theatre and Municipal Theatre could merge.

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