ANDREW FRANKLIN HILYER,Antique 1902 Photograph


TYPE: Antique Photograph

Date published:1902

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AUTHENTICITY: This is an authentic historical print, published at the date stated above. It is not from a modern copy.


ANDREW FRANKLIN HILYER. The subject of this sketch was born in slavery near monroe, Walton county, Georgia, August 14, 1858. In the early fifties his maternal grandfather, Overton Johnson, was set free, given some money and sent North. He went to Cincinnati and began a free man’s life as a cook and steward in a hotel. In a short time, by strict economy, he had saved some money from his earnings. This, with the money brought from the South, enabled him to open "The Dumas House,well known to the older residents of Cincinnati. In 1862 he sold this business, moved to St. Louis and opened a hotel in that city, where he was at the close of the war. In 1866 he sent for the remainder of his family in the South,- consisting of his youngest son and a daughter and her four children, the eldest of whom was Andrew Franklin Hilyer. About the time of their arrival in St. Louis business reverses threw the now en larged family upon their own resources, and young Androw, though but eight years old, was "hired out.He early developed a burning desire for an education, and took advantage of every opportunity that he could find to study and to learn. He soon learned to read. Witli this key he opened up to his enquiring mind a wide vista of knowledge and saw through many things which before had seemed dark. The family remained in St. Louis two years, but In very poor circumstances. During this period Andrew was able to attend school but little, yet he was so anxious to learn several persons gladly gave him instruction. It was during these struggles that he formed his purposes in life. He solemnly resolved to make a name of himself and to graduate from college. In 1868 the entire family moved to Omaha, Neb., where their circumstances gradually improved and Andrew was enabled to attend, school a part of each year. His mother died in 1871, and the next year he went to Minneapolls, Minn. Here was located the State University…..


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