I. Field or color pigeons. Under construction and keeping the wild
Similar to rock pigeon, coloring of the overall plumage is or
individual parts crucial. They more or less tend to
fields. Of the approximately 25 breeds along with many colors
are the most beautiful and popular: ice dove, porcelain dove,
lark pigeon, starling, pale pigeon, spindle pigeon,
mouse pigeon, monk pigeon, cover pigeons, flying pigeons,
Wing pigeons, sniping pigeons, colored (moor) heads,
Magpie pigeon, Hyacinth pigeon, Victoria pigeon, Strasser and others at
many of the breeds mentioned have color variations, i. H. the
colored parts come in the four main colors (blue, black,
red, yellow) or in various secondary colors (mixtures of the
main colors) before; as well as different head and
Leg fletching types (bonnet, dome, double dome, slippers, etc.).
To the II. Group, which is characterized by a peculiar voice
(Drums) distinguish belong to the three races of
Drum pigeons (trumpeters), the Altenburger (Fig. 3), Russian and
Bukharan (Fig. 2).

The III. Group contains the special spring structure
of the overall plumage (curly [Fig. 4l or squat pigeon) or
individual parts thereof (maned pigeon, jacobine pigeon
[Fig. 10], seagull pigeon) or at the same time also through
greater number of tail feathers, posture of the same and
of the neck (fantail [Fig. 14 and 15]). among the
Favorites of this group, the gull pigeons (Fig. 11, 12 and 13),
are the oriental ones (sattinettes, blondettes, turbitins)
Breeding art example in terms of purity
coloring and drawing.

The IV group, that of the form pigeons, understands three very well
different subdivisions.

1) The hen pigeons show in body shape and posture
great resemblance to chickens: elongated,
Pointed head, large, chicken-like built and
Carried body and tail, S-curved neck, short
Wings, strong, high, smooth legs. Main races are: the
Maltese T., the Florentines, the Monteneur, the Modenese T.

2) The pouter pigeons (Kröpfer) are characterized by small
head, long neck, narrow body, long narrow wings,
long tail, long thin thighs and barrel (smooth or
feathered down to the toes) and through the huge crop
to emphasize the long, slender physique as much as possible
is very suitable. One knows about 15 after the breeding places
named races and subraces. English (Fig. 16),
French (Fig. 17), Pomeranian, Saxon,
Brünner (Fig. 18), Prager etc.

3) Wart pigeons (beaked pigeons), characteristics: short fat
or long conical or strongly curved downward
Beak, with small to walnut-sized warts on the
base of the upper jaw and fleshy wart rings around the eyes,
which in some breeds protrude beyond the skull. Ten
Breeds with 8-9 sub-breeds: long, crooked and short beaked
Bagdettes, Barbary pigeons, Roman T., Montauban pigeons,
Belgian carrier pigeons. The English Bagdette (career, Fig. 19),
with big, ugly beak and eye warts,
where there is hardly anything left of the pigeon’s head, applies in
England as the Queen of T., for “enchanting”. Andre
Breeds are the English Dragoon, the French Bagdette,
the curved-beaked Nuremberg (Fig. 20), the
short-beaked Turkish, the Barbary pigeon (Indians,
Cyprian dove, Fig. 2l) and the Roman dove (Fig.

V. Group, flying pigeons, d. H. Porpoises and Tumblers. That
common hallmark of this popular and racially diverse is at
Incidentally, different head and beak shape of the
peculiar flight. They soar high in the air and
roll over (tumble) when flying down less or
more often, sometimes down to the ground, some breeds on the
ground itself. Bottlenose dolphins are divided into flat-faced ones
Longbeaks (8 breeds with 6-7 sub-breeds, mostly German
Breeding), flat and high-browed middle beaks (9 breeds) and
into high-browed short and thick beaks (11-12 races, mostly
English and German breeding). Among the English Bottlenose Dolphins
take the Almonds-(Fig. 8), Bart-(Fig. 9) and
Bottlenose dolphins take first place and are next to the
Pouters and careers at high prices. Also under
the German, Austrian and Danish breeds
(Berlin [Fig. 6], Danzig, Stralsund, Braunschweig,
Hanoverian, Königsberger, old stock, Viennese, Prague,
Pester, Copenhagen, caps [Fig.5], nuns [Fig.7],
Elster etc.) there are a lot of very beautiful and valuable ones